Implementing A Sales Hiring System

The second challenge in growing sales quickly in the scale-up stage is implementing a sales hiring system — a system that enables a startup CEO to define, recruit, assess, and onboard the sales talent responsible for executing the company’s strategy every day and nailing the company’s KPIs. Even one bad sales team hire at a critical juncture can set a startup back 12 months or more.

Finally, now that a startup has its sales team in place, the third challenge in the scale-up stage is managing the team — the daily, weekly, and monthly processes used for managing, maturing, and motivating the individuals on the sales team. Too often, startup founders hire their sales team, expecting that each new team member “knows their job,” without actively managing the individual contributors and their work. Taking this approach is nearly as bad as hiring the wrong candidate. Once repeatable systems are built, then it’s the founder’s responsibility to make sure that the team members are implementing those systems correctly.”

[Excerpt from my new book — “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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Scott Sambucci

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