Finding the Sales Flow Again

How do you get back into a flow after time away from an important project or initiative?

I see it all the time sales. A company founder or a sales team finds the flow with a regular prospecting or product demos or working their sales pipelines every day. There’s magic in the consistency of the work and seeing results from the effort.

1 — Start first, at the easiest place possible.

Ask yourself: “What are the first three steps?”

2 — Reduce friction, distractions, and variables.

Morning time is writing time for me, so a productive morning writing session begins the night before. That means:

  • Getting to bed so that I get in at least seven hours of sleep.
  • Setting out my clothes.
  • Prepping the coffee pot so that I need only to turn it on.
  • Putting my phone into airplane mode.

3 — Be kind to yourself.

This morning, despite all of my preparation, I hit the snooze button at 5:00 am (hey… I’m human too…), putting me back nine minutes from my schedule. Coffee took longer to brew than I wanted because I’m in a new house and still figuring out the stove settings.

4 — Celebrate your progress and maintain your momentum.

Congratulations — you’ve started! Anything you do is progress. Even if that progress is planning for the next work sprint you book with yourself.

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