A constant question that I get is “Everything is slowing down in my marketplace, what to do if “all” of the people that we’re selling to do not buy from us?”

There’s no such thing as “All” and “Everyone”. Generalizing that no one will want to buy your product will only cause you to miss out on opportunities to sell to your prospects.

It’s YOUR job to find that person that needs YOUR help!

When you find that person, don’t panic sell. But also don’t push the sale to meet the numbers that you missed out on last month or the two because your prospects are not buying your product but the outcome.

Always remember that slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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I am frequently asked the question “What should be my selling strategy when we’re in a volatile market?”

The #1 strategy as it relates to sales is to not believe everything that you think. Ignore thoughts like “I THINK no one is going to buy” or “I THINK it will be difficult to sell”.

What you think might not always be true because data matters most.

When you spend time THINKING and ASSUMING, you limit your ability to sell and to reach your market.

In this podcast, I covered 9 selling strategies in a volatile market, so look out for the other segments.

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“Our target customers knew that we had an authoritative perspective in the market. We could point them back to articles, blog posts, and guest spots on Bloomberg and CNBC.

That opened the door and changed the conversation from viewing us as just another data vendor to listening to our perspective on the market and how to use our data to gain an informational advantage.

All that was possible only because we had chosen to target a particular sector. And because of our expertise, we were able to leverage that for greater and greater business.”

[Excerpt from my book — “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

Download the ENTIRE Book here: https://salesqualia.com/book

To build an Authority Voice strategy you must get front & center with your prospects before they reach out to you.

When you delay this process, you will be playing catch-up which will make it difficult to change them from their old way of doing things to the new way.

Don’t wait for too long to get in front of your prospects.

When you do this the right way, you’ll get more CLARITY, CONTROL & CONFIDENCE in your sales process.

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“I started working with Altos in 2007. By 2007–2009, during the housing crash, we had emerged as a voice of authority in the industry, because we were intimately familiar with the week-to-week changes in the real estate market with the data we collected.

Mike Simonsen, the founder, and I continued…

Many companies in various industries probably suffer from the problem you solve, and the more you search for the problem, the more you realize that it’s everywhere. That leaves you wondering, “How are we going to sell to all these customers?” The more you look at the total addressable market for your product, the more overwhelmed you become, wondering where you’re supposed to start.

What you really want is to be able to focus your efforts, quickly add new customers, and generate momentum in your sales work.

Most importantly, you want to be the industry LEADER who you know you can be, so prospects are asking you, “Can you please help us?”

[Excerpt from my book — “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

Download the ENTIRE Book here: https://salesqualia.com/book

In this model, we look at the old way versus the new way of doing things.

Most prospects are still using old technologies, systems, and processes.

It’s YOUR job to EDUCATE your prospects about their problem. By doing this, you’re SEPARATING yourself from the rest of the marketing and INDOCTRINATING your prospects as to why they should work with you.

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You know your prospect’s problem. You’re probably an expert in the problem. That’s why you started your company — to solve the problem. In many ways, you feel like the best-kept secret in the industry. “If they only knew what we did and how we did it.”

Here you are…

Scott Sambucci

Startup Selling: Sales Coach for Startup CEOs, Speaker, Author, Teacher.

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