3-Part Pricing Structure

Scott Sambucci
1 min readJul 7, 2020

1) Configuration & Implementation
2) Platform & Users
3) Professional Services

1 — Configuration & Implementation –
This is all the work that goes into getting 100% up and running.

For heavier enterprise software, this means integrations with other systems. Then there’s training and phased implementation

You can add this to your pricing package, then you have leverage to reduce or waive as part of a deal.

2 — Platform & Users –
Pretty self-explanatory. Depending on size and complexity, sometimes there is a baseline platform fee + Per user fee.

The per-user fee can scale down as the number of users rises.

3 — Professional Services –
Future configuration, training, consulting, etc. You can add this as part of your early packages:

“We require a Quarterly Consulting Session that is comprised of two one-hour work sessions where we look at how you’re using Acme Solutions. We analyze what’s working, then make recommendations to you.”

Put a price on this because it’s a huge value-add, and again, you can reduce or waive as part of a deal.

That’s it!




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